Training & Supervision

We are passionate about teaching and supporting others in our industry. As academics and clinicians we have expertise in the following areas:

Clinical Supervision

We can provide clinical supervision and contribute to developing practitioner skills to junior clinical psychologists, clinical case workers and other allied health professionals. We can offer supervision in low intensity psychological interventions to staff working in care homes, mentorship to trainees on the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology is also available.

Staff Training

We provide bespoke national and international training. Our research has focused on training interventions to improve staff skills in dementia care. Likewise, emotional regulation workshops have also been applied in organisations to improve their quality of life and job satisfaction. We have worked as trainers for trainers in the UK and other countries in the field of systemic working, health, and ageing.

Academic Consultancy

We have worked in academic environments at the University of Birmingham, Newcastle University and University College London, University of Edinburgh We have been part of the selection panel on the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. If you are interested in improving your application and increase your chances of getting an interview and joining the training, please get in touch. In addition, if you are an academic who is struggling with issues like low intellectual self-esteem, academic bullying, perfectionism, etc. Please get in touch to discuss how to improve your resilience and wellbeing in the academic environment.


Please contact us for supervision, training and academic details.