Is EMDR therapy effective via online/virtual modality?

As we mainly deliver EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing), an evidence-based approach that incorporates bilateral stimulation. The most frequent question from our clients is if EMDR therapy is effective if conducted via online or virtual modality or is it better in-person? The answer is that every person is different and must be assessed for suitability of EMDR.

Let’s start by explaining that the delivery of therapy via remote or virtual modality is different to computerised therapy. You still need a qualified Clinical/Counselling Psychologist or trained Therapist to work with you. EMDR could adopt different techniques when conducted online, for example EMDR software (specialised platform for eye movement) that could be shared across screens that will allow effective eye moment, alternatively, you can tap hands, your lap, a soft surface or the well-known ‘butterfly hug’.

It is required to have a stable internet connection, you can have your therapy using a laptop, desktop, ipad, mobile phone. The session involves taking detailed life history, assessment of your symptoms, working together on a formulation to understand your current problems. Together we decide what is best for you.

Research has found that the clinical outcome is not different from an in-person EMDR session. This therapy model will require eye movement or tapping that could be achieved through the screen, you can still have bilateral stimulation from the comfort of your own home or the private space of your choice. For further information and to see if you will be suitable for this therapy, please contact us to discuss your needs.