We design and develop research in the field of mental health, neuropsychology, and psychological interventions.

We are committed to contribute to the evidence-base in Clinical Psychology to enhance the well-being of society. We are highly engaged in the research,  continuously seeking collaborations with like-minded partners and fellow researchers to advance our work. We actively pursue and welcome grant and partnership opportunities with universities, as well as other educational institutions and workplaces. 

See below a list of research publications where we have collaborated:

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  3. Guzmán A., Arellano K., López-Ortega, M., Gutiérrez-Robledo LM, Torres-Castro, S. (under review) Nursing care home management pre and post intervention views when introducing psychosocial interventions to reduce antipsychotic medication in dementia care: evaluation based on the RE-AIM framework (Evaluation and Programme Planning, submitted February 2021)
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