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Positive behavioral supports is a behavior management system used to understand what maintains an individual’s challenging behavior. People’s inappropriate behaviors are difficult to change because they are functional.

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Dr Guzman has offered Circle staff clinical supervision for around two years. We have found her support invaluable in our reflective practice. The support we offer to children with a range of adversities raises complex issues - which can be uncomfortable and challenging to hear about - the space Azu offers is essential to our safe, ethical and compassionate approach.

Angela GentileProject Manager

I've worked in collaboration with AG Psychology Centre through clinical supervision and consultancy to develop Corimaz, an organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life of the elderly in different conditions and promoting bonds between generations. AGPC input made a difference to our clinical approach, lending guidance and resources of great value, always with great professionalism and generosity. We have also worked together providing staff training in the field of the use of music and life stories to improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their carers. It has been an enriching and invaluable experience. I highly recommend AGPC for any clinician or professional interested in developing the best practices for their beneficiaries.

Bernadette Gonzalez OrtaDirector Corimaz, Lazos que Unen, S.C.

We truly recommend the in-house training in Dementia Care that we received from Azucena Guzman. She provided a lot of different aids to help our staff team have a better understanding of how to work with our residents, improving their quality of life. We will certainly keep working with her to train the rest of our staff.

Alejandra SerranoDirector, Cielito Lindo Independent and Assisted Living

I reached out to Dr Guzman for her assistance and support in recording and documenting my academic and clinical skills. Dr Guzman was incredibly helpful in providing guidance and consultancy in this area. Her ability to understand my needs and to give precise and timely advice has been invaluable to my current work. Dr Guzman was candid and realistic while leaning on her many years of experience as an academic and Clinical Psychologist. She was warm and encouraging and I am hoping to reap the benefits of her input. Thanks, Azu.

Chris StobbsAssistant Psychologist

Through Clinical Supervision sessions Azu's encouragement and guidance is supporting me to develop my therapeutic and reflective skills as an aspiring Clinical Psychologist. Azu is an exceptionally compassionate person who is warm and easy to connect with. She provides positive encouragement and as result our supervision sessions feel like a safe space for me to reflect. I really value the working relationship we have and would highly recommend AG Psychology Centre to everyone.

Jen WardAspiring Trainee in Clinical Psychology

My six sessions with Dr Guzman were consistently helpful and informative to improve my mental health. I now regularly use many of the techniques we discussed

Dr T. MessengerSenior Academic

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Individuals & Couples

Who will receive psychological services with a view to means testing on affordability to ensure services are accessible.

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Business & Organisations

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